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Averroes Laboratories

Averroes Laboratories was founded on 14 july 1988 by Dr.Juan Ramón Pina membrado and Carment De Puig Mateu (Technical Director Pharmaceutical) according to medieval Arabian philoshophy: that of uniting the medical and pharmaceutical professions into one.

Sulphurous mineromedicinal waters

Sulphurous mineromedicinal waters

Averroes Products, formulated based on Sulfur Water and bacterial inoculums that grow within it (properly selected and passivated), have proven their effectiveness in fields and activities as diverse as: Antioxidant, Antiaging, Wellness-Fitness, Sports Medicine, Otorrino and Pulmonology, Rheumatology and Dermatology.

Natural cosmetics and dermopharmacy

Natural cosmetics & dermopharmacy

Since 1988 we are committed to innovation and development in the field of natural cosmetics and dermopharmacy. We work according to the classic pharmacy, with master formulation, in which no preservatives, dyes or parabens are used. They can be used in atopic, sensitive or allergic skin since they have no preservatives or additives.

Fitoterapia Plantas Medicinales

Phytotherapy: Medicinal Plants

The line of medicinal plants of Dr. Pina are the result of research, formulation and own elaboration designed to cover the pathologies of maximum prevalence in primary care. Strictly medicinal plants, not popular. Endorsed by the European, Spanish, British and United States Pharmacopoeias and with a thorough pharmaceutical control.





Rheumatology and physiotherapy

Rheumatology & physiotherapy

Antiaging & Antioxidant

Antiaging & Antioxidant

Wellness & Fitness

Wellness & Fitness

Skin care

Skin care

MD. Juan Ramón Pina

Medical Director of Averroes Laboratories

He is passionate about his work, both in the research and practical fields.

  • Medical Doctor in the UAB (Vall d'Hebrón Hospital, Barcelona)
  • Qualified Pharmacist in the UB (Faculty of Pharmacy, Barcelona)
  • Clinical Analyst by the Official College of Pharmacists of Barcelona
  • Diploma in health at the National School of Health (Bellvitge Hospital, Barcelona)
  • Specialist in medical hydrology and climatology by the University of Montpellier (France)
  • Master University in Aesthetic Medicine at the University of Alcalá de Henares and University of Mississippi.

Professor at the universities of Zaragoza, Alcalá de Henares, Granada, Valladolid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and at the University of Mississippi (USA).

Doctor HONORIS CAUSA for the Council of Europe.

He has a very long professional experience as a technician and researcher for over 21 years in prestigious multinationals as well as at the Vandellós Nuclear Power Plant and has held Senior Management positions in Bromatology and Health Companies.

Creator of the HYDROPINIC CURE WITH SULFURED WATER, with antioxidant and revitalizing effects, researched and clinically tested in Triathlon Athletes of the CAR of Sant Cugat and practiced in his Consultation and other Centers.

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M.D. Pina

Sulphurous water

Sulphurous water

Sulphurous mineromedicinal water from the Averroes spring is of volcanic origin, coming from the depths of the Earth. It is declared mineral-medicinal and suitable for public consumption.

The Averroes spring is located on the eastern edge of the Pyrenees. The water is of volcanic origin and extremely pure. The presence of certain bacteria greatly increases its antioxidant and anti-free radical qualities.

Antioxidant, revitalizing & immunostimulant

Since 1988, Averroes Laboratories have been investigating the therapeutic applications of sulphurous water and have demonstrated its value in the following branches of medicine and general wellbeing:

  • Rheumatology
  • Dermatology
  • Ear, nose and throat
  • Pneumology
  • Liver and gall bladder
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • Wellness
  • Detoxifying
  • Fitness
  • Antiaging

You can see all therapeutic uses and expand information in every product.

Science and tradition

All our drugs are hand-made, following the Traditional Pharmacy standarts. This obliges us to produce small batches and to keep top hygiene conditions because we use on additives at all, even though they are authorized.

In formulation, we only handle natural raw materials, no synthetic materials; also very labile products such as sulphur water and the microbes which grow in our cultures; on site at the source (in this field, we are pioneer in Europe).

We also incorporate fats and cerates as those of the remedies used by the Eskimos since far-off times for skin ailments, and not without effort and years of work and failures, because there exists no written tradition on this respect.

Due to all above, our drugs lack of side-effects and are specially advisable in chronic ailments and patients at risk: old people, children, pregnant women, atopic individuals.

In the photo, Carmen De Puig, Pharmaceutical Technical Director.

Traditional Pharmacy standarts

Curda hidropinica

Liquid cure with sulphurous water

Tested on triathlon athletes at the "CAR" (High Performance Center) in Sant Cugat, Barcelona.

It is sodium sulphurised, contains silicates and fluorides, and is of very low mineralization. Sulphurous water is rich in several types of bacteria thaqt, once made harmless, greatly increase its concentration of nascent sulphur.

Benefits of the liquid cure

The clinical trial carried out by Averroes Laboratories, a world firts and published in 2005, demonstrated beyond all doubt that the physiology of subjects ingesting a certain amount of Averrroes sulphurous water improved in the following ways:

  • Increase in erythrocytes
  • Decrease in inflammation (leucocytes)
  • Hepatic protection (normalization of transaminases)
  • Protection againts myofibrillar breakage
  • Decrease in levels of free radicals.

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Respiratory health


The causal factor behind the pharmacodynamic activity of this product is Hidrogen Sulphide (H2S), wich is perfectly absorbed wichever form balneotherpy takes and is higly organotropic as regards the lung and rhinosinual mucous (in adition to the liver, skin and articular structures).

  • Antioxidant: increases the amount of plasmatic glutathione and of the liquid coating the pulmonary epithelium.
  • Stimulating: of the parasympathetic system, it induces intense vasodilation.
  • Eutrophic: increases the capillay permeability of the submucosa causing oedema that, acting on the mucous membrane, provoques exfoliatin and resulting regeneration of the epithelium.
  • Muco-secretive: contributes the sulphur needed for creation of the mucus secreted by the coating cells and the muciparous gland.
  • Mucolytic: via two mechanisms that act in sinergy. It increases serous secretion due to vegetal stimulation and the fragmentation of fi brillar mucoproteins by H2S
  • Stimultes ciliary motility: as the pH is alkaline
  • Antiallergic: augments the production of AC and diminishes that of IgE, an anti-histaminc activity.
  • Anti-inflammatory and decongestant: it regulates the synthesis of prostaglandins and depresses the metabolism of chondroitin sulphate, an anti-hyaluronidase activity.
  • Antiseptic: bacteriostatic and antimicotic due to depriving the microorganisms of oxygen after the oxidation of H2S.
  • Antitoxic: forms insoluble sulphides with heavy metals.
  • Immunostimulant: increases granulopoiesis, IgA secreting mucosa of IgG and IgM in circulation.
  • Emollient: due to its high silicon content.


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