Resolution of pleural effussion after atmiatric treatment with sulphurous water

A 79 year old female patient visiting our centre with symptoms of 24 hour evolution of hyperemesis treated with oral prokinetics by her GP. Examination reveals a hard, F-11 growth of unchanging consistency as well as a slight fever of 37.9 ºC.

Diagnosed as a strangulated femoral hernia, we sent her to a private Hospital for emergency intervention where the diagnostic was confirmed. She was released 48 hours after the intervention.

At home she began to have symptoms of partial occlusion of the intestine caused by intestinal obstruction, fever of 38.5 ºC, coughing, significant dyspnoea and pleuritic pain on the right side. Suspecting subphrenic abscess and subsidiary pleural effusion, we asked for a thoracic-abdominal CAT. This confirmed the subphrenic abscess, pleural effusion and basal atelectasis in both lungs.

The patient also exhibited significant emaciation and consumption. At her own residence we implemented the following treatment:

  • First fifteen days: 1 Inhalation/12 hours of VAHOS SULPHUROUS WATER Solution, of 20 minutes duration.
  • Following month and a half: 1 Inhalation/12 hours of ISOTONIC SULPHUROUS WATER Solution, of 20 minutes duration.

Her symptoms improved spectacularly with the pleural effusion completely healing without consequences (this was objectively verified by our Spirometre and using front, back and side Thorax Radiography).

14.03.05 26 28 100 11 Restrictive-obstructive very sever RI
02.04.05 66 42 60 16 Restrictive-obstructive severe RI
09.04.05 71 80 105 39 Restrictive-obstructive slight RI
12.05.05 80 100 116 63 Reference range values Dx Normal