Dr. Pina

  • MEDICAL DOCTOR Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Vall d'Hebrón Hospital (Barcelona)
  • QUALIFIED PHARMACIST Universidad Central de Barcelona. Faculty of Pharmacy (Barcelona)
  • DIPLOMA IN HEALTH National Public Health School. Bellvitge Hospital (Barcelona)

Diploma in Health from the National Public Health School (1988)

Clinical Analyst with the Barcelona Official College of Pharmacists (1981).

Specialist in the Analysis, Control and Treatment of Potable, Industrial and Residual Waters (Empresa Nacional Calvo Sotelo).

Professor at the Universities of Zaragoza, Alcalá de Henares, Granada, Valladolid, Barcelona and Valencia.

Professor at the University of Mississippi (U.S).

Member of the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council) National Team Studying Anti-Aging and Anti-Free Radicals

Holder of various high ranking Management Positions in Companies in the Bromatology and Health Sectors leading to the foundation of his own company, Farmacéutico AVERROES, which specialises in the research and production of treatments using Averroes Spring Sulphurous Waters and bacterial inoculums. He is currently the Medical Director.

Medical Director of BALNEARI FONT VELLA SPA (Spa located at Sant Hilari Sacalm, Girona)

Extensive professional experience as a researcher and technician of more than 21 years in the Escatron Industrial Group(Zaragoza), the Vandellós Nuclear Power Station (Tarragona), Howson Algrapgy (Ripollet – Barcelona), Schweppes LTD(Barcelona) and Palex Brawn (Rubí-Barcelona)

Co-author of the book "TECNICAS Y TECNOLOGIAS EN HIDROLOGIA MEDICA E HIDROTERAPIA" Chapter: Thermal Derived Therapeutic Products. Thermal Cosmetics.

Creator of HYDROPINIC TREATMENT WITH SULPHUROUS WATER of Antioxidant and Revitalising effects, clinically researched and proven on Triathlon Athletes from the Sant Cugat CAR (Centre of High Performance) and used in his Consultancy and in other centres.

Research Member of the BILBILIS Foundation for Study and Research into Thermalism.

Assessor- Consultant on Potable, Industrial, Residual and Mineral-Medicinal Waters. Clinical-Pharmacological Reports. Antioxidant Capacity Research. Bacterial Flora Study. Filed Reports. Technical Support for Spas. Training.

Dr. Pina's medicinal plants can be found in the Vademecum of phytotherapy prescription.

Clinical sessions "The benefits of sulphurous water in ENT pathology" in the Institute of Otology Garcia-Ibanez (Barcelona. October 2010).

September 2011: Conference at the College of Physiotherapists of Catalonia "Technical physiotherapy sour water".

2013: Medical Director of Curhotel Hipocrates for free radical radical treatments, ENT and pulmonology.

April 2013: Doctor HONORIS CAUSA by the Council of Europe

2018:Member of the Spanish Society of Otolaryngology - SEORL.