Sulphurous Water - Special pack hydropynic treatment

VAT included 24h

Special pack hydropynic treatment (12 bottles)

Indications: Hydroponic cure.


Composition: Sulphurous Water from Spring Averroes, 100 %. 

Features: Sodium sulphide, bicarbonated, strongly silicated, paucimineral, alkaline, hipotonic. 

Directions for use: To drink the amount standard from Sulphurous Water as indicated by Averroes Laboratory. 
Internal use. 


Liquid cure with sulphurous water


It is sodium sulphurised, contains silicates and fluorides, and is of very low mineralization. Sulphurous water is rich in several types of bacteria thaqt, once made harmless, greatly increase its concentration of nascent sulphur. Tested on triathlon athletes at the "CAR" (High Performance Center) in Sant Cugat, Barcelona.


Benefits of the liquid cure:

The clinical trial carried out by Averroes Laboratories demonstrated beyond all doubt that the physiology of subjects ingesting a certain amount of Averrroes sulphurous water improved in the following ways:

  • Increase in erythrocytes
  • Decrease in inflammation (leucocytes)
  • Hepatic protection (normalization of transaminases)
  • Protection againts myofibrillar breakage
  • Decrease in levels of free radicals.


Uses for the hydropynic treatment:

  • Highly competitive sports
  • Antiaging
  • FitnessHepatopathy and gall stones
  • Convalescence and burnout
  • Internal depuration