Psoriatic eczema

Psoriatic eczema

VAT included 24h

Therapeutical indications: Psoriatic eczema. 


Galenical group: Emulsion. 

Therapeutical indications: Psoriatic eczema. 

Basic formula: Bareginas (mucilaginous matter formed by seaweeds). Ropy yellow vaseline. Liquid vaseline. Averroes souce sulphur water. Excipient s.q.p. 80 g. (*). Concentration of nascent sulphur: 1,30% 

Instructions for use: Aply twice a day (one before going to bed) on the affected areas. External use. It doesn't contain steroids. 

Observations: The emulsion jas dark points which are associated to the preparation and which disappear when spreading it on the skin.